During 40 years in the plastics industry, LYCRO has developed a unique expertise, in developing and manufacturing of mould tools, molded plastic parts and rotation welding machines. Our products have received design awards – both at home and abroad.

Below is a selection of awards our customers have received for products LYCRO has helped to develop and/or produce. LYCRO is a proud partner to all of our customers.

Håg Capisco Puls – Award for Design Excellence

Only one month after its launch in November 2010, HÅG received the first award for HÅG Capisco pulse with the Product Design Award. 15. March, it was clear that his chair again stands out internationally; the jury of the Red Dot Design Award granted HÅG Capisco Pulse in the category for best product.

Håg Credo – Design Effect Award

New visual form, improved ergonomics and increased industrialization level has convinced those who knew HÅG Credo, and saved new customers and given 50 percent sales increase.

Håg – World first Ecolabelled office chair

Scandinavian Business Seating, owning among other the HÅG brand, has received Ecolabel for its office chair HÅG Capisco 8106. The chair has already won numerous awards for their performance characteristics and its distinctive design. HÅG is the first furniture manufacturer in the world to be approved by the official Ecolabel.

ISOFLO Sprint  – Award for Design Excellence

Isiflo Sprint’s push-in principle is the first of its kind in the world in the pipe connection industry. You can connect it quickly and you do not need any special tool. The assembly components are easy to grip which means you can do the job yourself, even when wearing a large pair of gloves. The product’s ergonomic design and assembly principle make it more accessible for fitters whose ability to grip is impaired than previous pipe connections.

Kongsberg Seatex eBird – Award for Design Excellence

Technological offshore innovation. eBird is interleaving seismic cable sections and steers the cable laterally, vertically and in rotation. An eBird is typically fitted every 300 metres, and the total length of a streamer can be up to 12 km. eBird is a great innovative idea that makes use of an ingenious system design.