LYCRO offers assembly of manufactured plastic parts:

  • During production
  • Assembly at LYCRO
  • Assembly at our partner, Kroa Produkter in Leksvik

End caps

LYCRO AS is now developing a new end caps for all type of pipes, and also for pipes with socket, with dimension from Ø40mm til 355mm.

Seat4You Stadium Seats

Seat4You is offering a better designed seat that improves stadium seating. Our aim is to offer added value for both spectator and stadium owner.

The Seat4You product range complies with international standards and open up new and exciting business opportunities for advertising.


Expanison frame for wheelbarrow

Expanison frame for wheelbarrow

With an extra frame on top of the wheelbarrow, you can fill up more of gras and leaves.

The frame is made of plastic, and can be adjusted for most kinds of wheelbarrows.

The product is distributed via Trallnor.
Contact information: Trallnor.

Light Growing Baskets

The use of of growing by light baskets in among other production of  potatoes and storage of dairy products gives:

  • Improved economy
  • Improved quality
  • Better crops
  • Earlier harvesting
  • Dimensions: 80 x 40 cm
  • Recommended amount potatoes in each case, approx. 12.5 kg
  • Deliverysize of 54 cases at each pallet.
  • The material used in the cases are approved for food and fresh water.

Contact us for enquiry

District heating

Internal distances/holders for isolated pipes for district heating.

  • Keeps the inner pipe centrated when nsulating the pipe
  • High strength – less collaps
  • Environmently plastics
  • Track for cable
  • We deliver different sizes – length and height.

For contact please send us an email: [email protected]

Stacking Pallet

Environment-friendly og durable 1/3 pallet

  • Compact stabling
  • Low weight
  • High strength – low breakage
  • Hygienic effect, can be washed at 100°C
  • Environment-friendly product
  • Estetic value
  • Better brand image by use of own pallet with logo or colorization

This is the future new and convenient way to expose goods and products.
It becomes easier to plan product placement by using smaller units.
The pallet can be supplied in any color, with or without logo. Logo can also be taped on.
The pallet can be customized brand or brand identity.
The pallet is made from recycled environmentally PEHD, therefore withstand high loads and can be stacked (height 6cm).
This one-third size pallet, takes significantly less space and is therefore very convenient.

The pallets are sold through our distributor:
Strømbergs Plast AS
Strømsvn. 80
Postbox 65
2011 Strømmen
Tel: (+47) 63 80 34 00


PP Pipe fittings

Standard pipe sockets

We at LYCRO have a long tradition and experience in manufacturing PP pipefittings, either as sub-supplier to the large multi-national pipe companies or as a producer of LYCRO branded fittings.

LYCRO offers various pipe fittings, both for smooth pipes as well as double wall pipes:

  • Elbows
  • Branches
  • Double- and Repair sockets
  • Welding sockets
  • Reducers
  • Roses

For an overview of LYCRO’s collection of pipe fittings, please take a look at our product sheet.