Rotation Welding Machines

We design, construct, manufacture and provide maintenance services for Rotation Welding Machines to plastic pipes in PE and PP.

LYCRO is a producer of its own developed and patented Rotation Welding Machines (RWM). Rotation welding of sockets to plastic pipes in PE and PP is the best way to attach sockets to pipes. The RWM’s use a spinning head to create friction between the pipe and the socket. This friction provides heat to melt the plastic pipe and socket together. The machines work fully-automatically in line process with automatic socket loading.

Compared to other systems the rotation welding system has many benefits. The LYCRO RWM keeps the speed of the corrugator, and quick changeover between dimensions. It provides strong, tight and reliable joints conforming to all requirements of the new European standards.

The RWM’s are manufactured in collaboration between our own factory in Dongguang, China, and our factory in Leksvik, Norway.

We call this business area for LYCRO STREAM, indicating that LYCRO is a provider of machines increasing the speed and stream in platic pipe production.