Mold tools

We design, construct, manufacture and provide maintenance services for mold tools used for plastic injection molding.

LYCRO undertakes projects within design, engineering and manufacture of new mold tools, as well as modification and services of older mold tools. LYCRO has through more than 40 years gained extensive market leading experience with delivering engineering services and solutions related to mold tools used for plastic injection molding.

Our highly qualified project management and engineering teams undertake the full range from conceptual design to complete turnkey projects, including procurement, providing mold tools ready to be implemented directly into production of molded plastic parts. The project teams utilise state-of-the-art computer network and dedicated software for advanced analyses and fully integrated 3D design in order to provide the client with cost-effective and technical optimal solutions.

The mold tools are designed and constructed by our project management and engineers in Norway together with the customers, according to the customers specifications and comply with European standards and requirements.

The mold tools are manufactured by apporved suppliers in China, securing the markets most cost-effective production. After testing locally in China we take the mold tools to LYCRO in Norway for the final test runs based on our own production philosophy. This ensures that all quality requirements, tolerances and cycle times are met and that the mold tools are working properly before they are put into production, either at our factory in Leksvik, or sent to the customer. Our mold tools are high performance products with dimensional stability and long-term durability. We aim to construct our mold tools for simple maintenance and heavy dimensions, this to guarantee our customer the best mold tool fittings at a competitive price.

We call this business area for LYCRO SAFE, indicating that LYCRO is a safe and secure provider of mold tools fulfilling the requirements of the customer and European Standards for fittings at a competitive price.