Injection molding and production

We are a complete supplier of injection molded plastic parts.

LYCRO is a complete supplier of injection molded plastic parts. LYCRO has through more than 40 years gained extensive market leading experience with serial manufacturing of injection molded plastic parts in thermoplastics.

We have broad expertise in all areas – from design and engineering of plastics, the production of the mold tools and the serial product itself. The fact that we master all steps of the value chain and understand how they interact makes us a highly competent and appreciated partner to out customers. This allows us to offer complete solutions to customers with different needs. We produce components of all thermoplastics and use the foremost of super materials in thermoplastics. Our extensive expertise systematically ensures that we produce parts with the shortest possible cycle time at competitive prices.

All injection molded plastic parts are manufactured at our own factory in Leksvik, Norway. We have a machine park with 22 highly automated injection-molding machines with closing pressures ranging from 45 to 1500 tons, enabling us to manufacture plastic component within the weight range of 1.0 to 10.5 kg. We are able to produce both single- component and two-component plastic parts within our factory. LYCRO is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

LYCRO has a diverse portfolio of customers, – with us, no customer is too small or too large – we would like to work with you anyway. Our expertise is at your disposal, and if you have an idea where you need help to develop a plastic component, contact us at LYCRO.