Meet our employees

We believe in recruiting and retaining the best people – and providing a working environment where they always have the opportunity to learn, develop their skills and enjoy progressive and rewarding career paths. This is a cornerstone of our aim to be the “employer of choice”.

Below you can meet people from a range of disciplines such as Project manger, CAD programmer, inventory manager, financial manager and mould toolmaker. Read what they have to say about the opportunities they have had at LYCRO.

Ståle Rian

Project manager/Engineer/CAD Operator
12 years at LYCRO

As project manager with responsibility for product-related services, my days are never the same. I develop offers and prepare basic calculations, says Ståle Rian. My job comprises initial design, project setup, administration & mould design in CAD and project leading.

I enjoy working at LYCRO because of the exciting projects we take part in at LYCRO, the positive work environment and our company’s focus on giving us employees responsibility. The company provides excellent growth and development possibilities, and offers a workplace where respect for all employees is important.

Odd Lian

Responsible for warehouse and logistics
for over 40 years at LYCRO

I like it here at LYCRO and in Leksvik. We have a pleasant and friendly working environment, and the relationship between the union and the management is good, says Odd Lian.

I must also say that it is a lot more fun to go to work now, when our financial figures are back on track. You know, after so long time at LYCRO, I have experienced the full history of LYCRO and I am proud to once again experience the company is being one of the leading in its field in the Nordic market.