Smart Water Cluster

Lycro is one of the participants of the Smart Water Cluster. Smart Water Cluster (SWC) is a Norwegian business-cluster, which develops solutions for water cleaning and water treatment, for the global market. SWC’s main focus is a concept bound to reuse- and recycle-solutions within water and drainage, for smaller areas, for instance high houses, ships, hotels etc. […]

Tactile surfaces

LYCRO AS has participated in a project with Scandinavian Business Seating and Sintef. In-Molding of textile directly on the parts without the use of adhesives,  and at the same time retaining the textile properties. Read more about the project

Seat4You – Chairs for every occation

LYCRO providing shape tools, and produces parts for grandstand seat to Seat4You. Chairs installed at among other Telenor Fornebu Arena and Briskeby stadium, and have are being used during football matches, concerts, conferences and Eurovision Song Contest. For more information see here.