Lycro AS and Nopla AS has merged into Lycro Nopla AS

Information to customers and partners regarding the merger between Lycro AS and Nopla AS. We are pleased to announce that the merger between Lycro AS and Nopla AS has now been approved and completed. This means that we have now become one company, with a common organization. We now look forward to workingtogether with all […]

Organization changes

Alvin Berg has been appointed as new managing director from 1. January 2017. Alvin will primary work with the factory in Leksvik. Alvin Berg is former director of Elsafe International AS, and director of CTM Lyng AS, and has a long and wide experience in general industry.   Morten Theodor Sandaas will focus on sales […]

Lycro expands and moves to new factory

Lycro expands and moves into new factory. Our turnover increases significantly. On this basis, we will over the next few months to move into a new factory , a few hundred meters from the current premises. In addition, we purchased four new machines , 180 tons, 500 tons, 700 tons and 1,000 tons, that will be […]

Lycro AS overtar Nopla AS

Lycro AS overtar Nopla AS Lycro AS overtar alle aksjene i Nopla AS og eierne av Nopla AS får eierinteresser i Lycro AS. Nopla AS er et trading- og distribusjonsselskap av plastprodukter med lager og kontor på Løten. Selskapet er særlig rettet mot produkter innen transport kasser, vareflyt og lager bokser. Nopla AS har en […]

Success with composite couplings

Isiflo Sprint is a new composite coupling, which combines high strength and safety, and are also very userfriendly.The manufacturer Raufoss Water & Gas AS (RWG), can tell that the couplings are well received in the Dutch market (Netherlands).Lycro are a subsupplier of parts for this coupling. IngeniørNytt 2014-2 39 (article in Norwegian…)