Lycro AS and Nopla AS has merged into Lycro Nopla AS

Information to customers and partners regarding the merger between Lycro AS and Nopla AS.

We are pleased to announce that the merger between Lycro AS and Nopla AS has now been approved and completed. This means that we have now become one company, with a common organization. We now look forward to working
together with all our customers and continue creating great customer experiences.

What does this mean for our customers and partners?

For customers and partners, this means in practice that you relate to the same agreement that you have had with us until now, with exactly the same rights in the customer relationship. There will be no changes except that customers and partners will from now on have to deal with a new company name (Lycro Nopla AS) and (for former Nopla customers) a new organization number (919 970 707). A little more formally, the following has now happened:

  • All agreements that have previously been made with Nopla AS are automatically and unchanged transferred to the merged company. For agreements that have previously been made with Lycro AS, everything
    remains unchanged, with the exception that Lycro AS changes its name to Lycro Nopla AS.
  • The company name will formally be Lycro Nopla AS.
  • The organization number will be 919 970 707. The previous organization
    number of Nopla AS is no longer valid.

Customers who have received an invoice from Nopla AS with an invoice date before 31.12.2021, must pay these as usual. Invoices with an invoice date from and including 1 January 2022 must be paid to Lycro Nopla AS with organization number 919 970 707. The correct organization number and bank account will appear on the invoices you receive from us.

Suppliers who are to invoice us, must direct this to Lycro Nopla AS and 919 970 707. Suppliers can relate to the same contact person as before.

If you have questions about what this means for your collaboration with us, please contact your contact person in the company.

We look forward to starting the work together and delivering the very best and
most relevant solutions for our customers.

We wish all our customers and partners a happy new year!
Greetings from all of us in Lycro Nopla AS