Lycro expands and moves to new factory

Lycro expands and moves into new factory.

Lycro fabrikk 2015

Our turnover increases significantly. On this basis, we will over the next few months to move into a new factory , a few hundred meters from the current premises.

In addition, we purchased four new machines , 180 tons, 500 tons, 700 tons and 1,000 tons, that will be installed in the new factory in February and March.
All our current modern 23 machines will be transferred to the new factory during the period February to April .
This means that we will be even stronger to give our customers an even better service.

During the process of moving, we will do our best to meet our customers’ desired delivery times.
We must, however, already now inform our customers that it can occur longer delivery time in the moving period.

When all machines are installed and the new factory is ready, the new LYCRO-factory emerge as our dream factory and be one of the most effective injection molders in Norway.

For more information about the moving, an so on, we will keep our customers continuously informed.
We work determined that we shall be able to give our customers the very best service.

Sincerely Lycro AS
Arnt Terje Aksnes