Smart Water Cluster

Lycro is one of the participants of the Smart Water Cluster.

Smart Water Cluster (SWC) is a Norwegian business-cluster, which develops solutions for water cleaning and water treatment, for the global market. SWC’s main focus is a concept bound to reuse- and recycle-solutions within water and drainage, for smaller areas, for instance high houses, ships, hotels etc.

SWC are business and suppliers within the water treatment sector. The cluster cooperates with regional and national education- and research facilities, organizations of interest, development companies, relevant projects and agencies.

SWC are organized as a project in “Arena program”. “Arena program” is a national cluster development program, administered by Norwegian Center of Expertise (NCE), the Research Council of Norway and SIVA. SWC’s 3 year project started 1. November 2011, and is administered by Leksvik Industriell Vekst AS (LIV).

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